McKay Cup Points

 2014 McKay Cup Points Standings


2013 Top 15 Points Winners and Payouts

Place Name Winnings
1 Keone   Asai $250
2 John   Maier $225
3 Rick   Alvarado $200
4 Chuck   Loeffel $175
5 Danny Bautista $150
6 Julius   Palisbo $125
7 Joe   Boneza $100
8 Mike   Kellar $75
9 Byron   Ariola $70
10 Rod   Burt $65
11 Wade   Zelazny $60
12 Adam   Golomski $55
13 James   Topper $50
14 Blake   Bixby $45
15 Don   Campbell $35

Scoring System

For the 2014 men’s club season we will use the same scoring system as last year.  As the season progresses you will accrue points and move up or down in the standings.  At the end of the season we will payout the top place finishers. September 27th a tournament was added for the top 30 in points standings.  This tournament will be worth double points and will conclude the 2014 McKay Cup.


Monthly Tournaments:                     Participation: 10 pts.

Places: 1st        24 pts.

2nd        22 pts.

3rd        20pts.               Each place 2 pts. less

Monday/Wednesday (9 holes):        Participation:  2 pts.

Places: 1st        8 pts.

2nd        7pts.

3rd        6pts.                Each place 1 pt. less

Saturday Morning (18 holes):          Participation:  3 pts.

Places: 1st        10 pts.

2nd        9pts.

3rd        8 pts.             Each place 1 pt. less


The club championship and senior club championships will be worth double points.

The ongoing two person best ball tournament will be treated as a monthly tournament.


Standings will be updated on a weekly basis during the season.

Points scoring system is subject to change mid season if necessary.