Cross County Tournament Results

Match Play Trophy results:
Saturday @ Mckay
Brandon Marino WINS 3 and 2 over Rick Alvarado

Sunday @ Sunset
Shawn Thomson WINS 2 and 1 over Jin Ahn
Dave Strickland WINS 5 and 4 over Dave Lambert
Todd VanDomelen WINS 2 up over Keone Asai
Herb Snyder WINS 2 and 1 over Steve White
Ken Ferguson WINS 2 up over Bruce Odle
Tom Moss WINS 3 and 2 over Dave Roussel
Tim Davis WINS 6 and 5 over Jacob Odle
Kevin Tobin WINS 4 and 2 over Jim Sloan
Dick Soule WINS 1 up over Bob Wilson
Kent Zimmerman WINS 1 up over James Topper

Nav Velu WINS 1 up over Obie Hoodman
Doug McCullah WINS 2 and 1 over Jack Moritz
Charlie Ahura WINS 4 and 2 over Adam Bush
Ken Kahler WINS 2 and 1 over Mike Steele
Bobo Cosier WINS 4 and 2 over Bill Boone

1st place: Bobo Cosier Score:133
2nd Tie: Dave Strickland Score: 139
2nd Tie: Jin Ahn Score: 139
4th: Shawn Thomson Score: 140

1st place: Nav Velu Score: 134
2nd place: Doug McCullah: 135
3rd place: Tom Moss: 137
4th Tie: Ken Ferguson / Dick Soule / Ken Kahler: 138

Day one: Flight A Flight B
Hole 4 Jim Sloan Dave Muralt
Hole 6 Dave Lambert Nav Velu
Hole 13 Shawn Thomson Nav Velu
Hole 15 Bruce Odle Obie Hoodman

Day two:
Hole 4 Charlie Ahura Dick Soule
Hole 5 Jin Ahn Mike Steele
Hole 13 Steve White Ken Ferguson
Hole 14 Dave Strickland N/A

Day one: Flight A Flight B
4X Dave Lambert Dave Roussel
Doug McCullah

Day two: 2X Shawn Thomson Doug McCullah
Dave Lambert
Dave Strickland
Steve White
Kent Zimmerman
Keone Asai