Scotch Doubles Begins 5/20/11

Scotch Doubles will officially begin for the 2011 season. With sunshine in the forecast, we decided to make this Friday May 20th our official start date. This is a weekly event and will be played every Friday through October. Tee times are from 4-6PM. Two person mixed doubles (male/female) teams are used in this format.

Scotch doubles is also the same format as a “chapman.” You and your partner both tee off; then you switch balls and hit your partner’s ball on the second shot. After this both balls lie two strokes, you then decided which ball to play and alternate shots until the ball is holed (you never hit the same ball two times in a row). Each team will obtain one score for the hole.

At the end of the round your team will turn in a 9 hole score. Based upon a blind draw your team’s score will be paired with another team thus obtaining an 18 hole score. Men’s and women’s KP’s and Long Drives are also a part of the event.

Teams will pay individual green fees and also a $5 team entry fee to cover prizes. When you call and make a tee time for Friday mention Scotch Doubles.

This event is extremely fun and relaxing for golfer’s of all abilities.